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faizal deenFaizal Deen lives and writes in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He wrote Land Without Chocolate, a Memoir in 1999 and will be featured in The Queer Caribbean Speaks edited by Kofi Omoniyi Sylvanus Campbell (forthcoming from Palgrave Macmillan Spring 2014).












Shortlisted in the Gregory O'Donoghue International Poetry Competition





                                                                             grow your hair long the

muezzins call

the sun that obvious shine Ho & Lai head on shoulder circle 10th

in September to take a cab to the museum, there's no rain

we'd change the Wong Kar Wai we'd miss           the monsoon completely meet at the Door to

the Great Mosque in Cizre walk with the Rod of Moses

can you see me aching in another mid afternoon Turkish delight?


(you will find him in a bowl of winged lions. Mazda, that killing time,

wrapped up in sweaty Calvins, cruising park Ahabs)


                                                                                             limp before you

find me in Composition X.

we don't want ajumma to hear your yuk yuk Classicists in touch drunk


oh it's ok chingu wears friend in the great escape button flys quick! quick!

behind the Kandinsky

                                   you could host

                                                           an evening of soju erotica.

(who sees Fuji from Tokyo though I never did. let's get back

                                                                             to Seoul.

please, not another jar from Peshawar,)


                                                                           wear binoculars around

your neck to dinner,

cross dress a neighbour.


                               Angie Dickinson standing by the Giacometti Michael

Caine always in wigs.








before DVDS, you could find this on cassette in Shindongnegori: Push!

Leolo! Push!

in Montreal Gloria showing me how to heat up rice without a stove


                                                                                   to spy on Etienne

wild carrot shirtless

sur le coin de Clark et St. Viateur

Ginette Reno 99.3 FM Asbestoes.


(never walk with me in Yeouido regarde the cherry blossoms; hear ajoshi say some boys just wanna

                                                                                        spend money on

Camaro penis cars.

not you I'll tell him.)


set fire to a Sir Walter Raleigh effigy in a car park.


(why does what makes the red man red hanamannadunga feel so boyish?

and, what's wrong

with the Rothko pu hup kkk ablaze

                                             some orange up there some red down                                        here?)


no I don't cheat on you when I go to the museum.


except that time

when I drank from the saucepan

of Abraham.


(your uncle was a tea farmer he would send us the best sejak from Halla. his

friend Manu, the best from Tanah Rata. there's this movie             where the

actress gives the actor

                                                                                                  ,a blowjob

would you like?

                                  Insadong cinematheque

                                                                 & the intellegentsia gasp?)


                                                           all art remembers he turns tricks in

the turban of Joseph.


for example, on warm evenings while walking in the footprints of PBUH,

he who will not be named PBUH, just in case, when I went on Umrah,

there was this prayer for you in your bent way & with iron nails,

fixed to dragons in central Anatolia,


                                               I cut my hair between Safa and Marwah.


          (when we crossed the Han River the running family without Richard


          Gwoemul in the film in my brain

          listen to it the sound of my piss wizzzzzzzzerd

          the river is full of my wizzzard)


break the pink hearts apart waterfalls the coo coo roo coo coo

never shared with you

all these hearts in front of the beaux arts? once, Bahram IV had this dagger

I walked thousands of years into the past to


love o killing machine who wiped you clean at night? was it the king in the

spirit of all those queens on Homo Hill that made you ceremonial?


(I resisted his necklaces in agate glass gold Carnelian, matched the

Portuguese ✔ Dutch ✔ English ✔

Japan a Staebrok Market in Melaka scarlet; fleets of UFOs above Fukishima,



I was born in Georgetown.)




and ever “approach Pavonis Mons by balloon”

send more                                         pictures of

                   earthquakes great winds fires famine

you think Chagall the only peacock in all those mountains

make me dusty this passport is an elaborate lie

we only slowly grew west I keep postcards that say East Indian

typical coolie village upper Canada chingu the world

spins around you


(are you a student of history he asks which no one asks in Seoul

why is this insertion into the English Gatekeeper so sexy?

no poet of Sycorax scratches the part in his hair, not just another eye drop

       you    in the ocean)




©2014 Faizal Deen




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