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Songs of Earth and Light

Songs of Earth and Light
Barbara Korun poems translated by Theo Dorgan



Done Dating DJs
Done Dating DJs
by Jennifer Minniti-Shippey
Winner, 2008 Fool for Poetry Competition




Richesses: Francophone Songwriter Poets
Edited and translated by Aidan Hayes





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John W. Sexton

John W. Sexton was born in 1958 and is the author of five poetry collections including The Prince’s Brief Career, (Cairn Mountain Press, 1995), Shadows Bloom / Scáthanna Faoi Bhláth, a book of haiku with translations into Irish by Gabriel Rosenstock (Doghouse, 2004), Vortex (Doghouse, 2005) and Petit Mal (Revival Press, 2009). His fifth collection, The Offspring of the Moon, was published by Salmon Poetry in 2013. He also created and wrote The Ivory Tower for RTÉ Radio, which ran to over one hundred half-hour episodes from 1999 to 2002. Two novels based on the characters from this series have been published by the O’Brien Press: The Johnny Coffin Diaries and Johnny Coffin School-Dazed, which have been translated into both Italian and Serbian. Under the ironic pseudonym of Sex W. Johnston he has recorded an album with legendary Stranglers frontman, Hugh Cornwell, entitled Sons Of Shiva, which has been released on Track Records. He is also the blog poet Jack Brae Curtingstall. He is a past nominee for The Hennessy Literary Award and his poem 'The Green Owl' won the Listowel Poetry Prize 2007. Also in 2007 he was awarded a Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship in Poetry.





The Prince Puzzles



she chalked a grave e

on the pavement ... stepping out

in beef wellingtons


thunder and sulphur

living tortoise cake

with mercury icing


Snot-Eyed Jack ...

lived in the sinus cavity

of that giant for years


Three revs of the engine

commands compliance …

genie in the throttle


the body stays at home …

double-jointed minds

soldered to starlight


if we were once star stuff

… let’s re-climb the silver ladder

through the sky


a child's fancy

riding safe in the ear

of the horsehead nebula


out of her mind

granny knitted starshoes

then stepped into our hearts


who was that weird woman?

the prince puzzles

over the glass gloves


magic spent matches …

in their memory of fire

we'll have light again


fifteen thousand gold chairs

one on top of the other ...

Good King Wobble




©2016 John W. Sexton



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