Southword 43


Southword Editions, 2022, 150 pages
ISBN: 978-1-905002-98-6

Southword 43 includes short stories from Gerard Beirne and Alan McCormick, poems from Amy Woolard and Fran Lock, photo essays from John Minihan and Rebecca Moseman and an interview with Thomas McCarthy.


Short Stories

Gerard Beirne, Deirdre Crowley, Patrick Holloway, Alan McCormick, Donal McLaughlin, Kay Sexton, Jose Varghese


Nwanne Agwu, Róisín Leggett Bohan, Daragh Byrne, Kevin Cahill, Martin Mc Carthy, Regi Claire, Louise G. Cole, John Paul Davies, Tomás de Faoite, Julia Deakin, Greg Delanty, Meg Eden, Michael Farry, Tracy Gaughan, Pragya Gogoi, Claire Hennessy, David S. Higdon, Olaitan Humble, Fred Johnston, Fran Lock, Leah Saint Marie, Lorraine McArdle, Sinéad McClure, James McDermott, Afric McGlinchey, Geraldine Mitchell, Donna Morton, David Murphy, Lani O’Hanlon, Jane Robinson, Róisín Ryan, Jess Smith, Trelawney, Amy Woolard

Photo Essays

John Minihan, Rebecca Moseman


Thomas McCarthy

Cover Image

​​​​​​‘Little Worlds’ by Anne Kennedy