A Visit to the Clockmaker


A Visit to the Clockmaker by Kristin Dimitrova
Translated from Bulgarian by Gregory O’Donoghue

Southword Editions, 2005, 63 pages
ISBN: 978-1-905002-03-0


Kristin Dimitrova exploits quirky, often dark, humour, intelligence, irony, wit, dialogue, in a low-key minimalist, frequently open-ended style. Constantly reversing expectations, hers is a refreshing poetry of sharp individuality. A significant voice in the new Bulgarian poetry (which began to emerge in the early 1990s) she is, quite simply, a poet of the first rank.

“She comes across as utterly clear in what she has to say, with a touch of anarchy and a glib sense of irony, epigrammatic and intriguing whether in short or long poems.” –Books Ireland

“For me, the gem of the books is to be found in the translations by Gregory O’Donoghue of Bulgarian poet Kristin Dimitrova, whose mordant, skewed perspective on the world is rendered in precise, sharp language that allows her to ask serious questions in witty poems.” – The Irish Book Review

“Dimitrova is adept. She handles language with supreme dexterity and can startle an insight from its cover in very few words.” – The Penniless Press