Confidential Reports


Confidential Reports by Immanuel Mifsud
Translated from Maltese by Maurice Riordan

Southword Editions, 2005, 63 pages
ISBN: 978-1-905002-08-5


Immanuel Mifsud brings a new note of emotional candour to contemporary poetry. Confidential Reports tells the tale of love and grief in poems that are direct, often darkly erotic, and shot through with wit and humour. This is poetry as the old rock ‘n roll—edgy, excessive, and visceral in its appeal. Mifsud resembles a rumbustious latter-day troubadour as his imagination roams the Mediterranean and mainland Europe. Here is a book that is lyrical, vulnerable and transgressive.

Confidential Reports includes almost violently sexy poems of attraction and engagement. Riordan’s elegant translations manage the trick of ventriloquism: we forget we are really listening, at least in part, to a poet whose work we already know; we enter instead a dark, living, extraordinary world.” – The Irish Times