Pocket Apocalypse


Pocket Apocalypse by Katarzyna Borun-Jagodzinska
Translated from Polish by Gerry Murphy

Southword Editions, 2005, 59 pages
ISBN: 978-1-905002-11-5


“Here is a Polish poet working well beyond the shadows of Milosz and Herbert. She searches out material in the sacred and the profane and mines both with considerable skill. A generous streak of dark wit is evident even in the least likely of places. After all, anyone who edited a magazine entitled “Temperance and Hard Work” has to have a healthy sense of the absurd.” – Gerry Murphy

“Borun-Jagodzinska, ably translated with a light touch by Gerry Murphy, has followed Piotr Sommer out of the intensive lyricism and complex Imagism traditional to Polish poetry into the pared-back, post-American style.” – The Irish Times