Moose Beetle Swallow


Moose Beetle Swallow by Andres Ehin
Translated from Estonian by Patrick Cotter

Southword Editions, 2005, 64 pages
ISBN: 978-1-905002-13-9


“Ehin calls himself a surrealist without any reservations, but according to his own words, he is more a heretic than a dogmatist, preferring C.G. Jung’s conception of the collective subconscious to Freud’s psychoanalysis. The former can also easily be related to Ehin’s interest in the Orient and in cultures of primitive peoples. He has, by the way, worked as a teacher with the Selqups in Siberia and found inspiration in their folklore. He has also been influenced by Acmeists, Imagists and Spanish Modernists.” –Estonian Literary Magazine

“The essential Ehin is there. Playful, humouristic, ironic, chaotic, capable of bright, sudden metaphors, responding to life’s absurdity with an absurd palette of images and language.” – World Literature Today

“There is cheerful irreverence at work in his poetry which battles gloom even when he’s treating the most serious or depressing subjects. He is a poet to cherish, a wise and pleasant sensibility in the guise of a knockabout clown. A real artist.” – The Penniless Press